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March 10, 2015

ERP Selection

Typically, a company approaches ERP when its current business operations are causing it to suffer unbearable and costly pain. In most cases, unbearable pain becomes manifest through some combination of business process inefficiency, reporting limitations, inability to support growth, and exposure to excessive risk.

March 10, 2015

“What is wrong with our ERP System?”

One of the pervasive realities that I have discovered over the past 15 years is that many… maybe most… companies are dissatisfied with the performance of their primary “run-the-business” software… usually a brand-name ERP system that is widely distributed and widely used. To a person, business and IT executives tell us that their ERP systems have not met their original expectations and that the productivity of their personnel and processes have not materially improved as a result of new software. So what is the problem… and how can you address it?