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Acumen IT – Custom Software Development

Although our standard approach is the utilization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software and solutions wherever possible, situations arise in which an out-of-the-box solution is simply not available to address the challenge or opportunity at hand.

Whether it be an entire custom-developed ERP solution for a unique production/distribution operation or highly-specialized business or field services, “point” solutions to fill gaps in a commercial software package, or much needed reports or “dashboards” to provide visibility into critical processes and metrics, Acumen IT possesses the staff and skills to deliver. Our business analysts, solution architects, and software developers are adept at analyzing business process support requirements, architecting and designing software specifications that address the need, and programming a final solution that is well-matched to the business process and is seamlessly integrated to upstream and downstream processes and supporting software applications.

In addition, Acumen IT maintains a cadre’ of technical staff with broad and deep experience with a number of ERP platforms, software applications, and development environments that can be leveraged into system integration projects that enable disparate systems and applications to appear and operate as a single, unified system. Data is entered once,maintained in a single “system of record”, and is available everywhere.

Acumen IT ERP Group provides the following custom development, reporting, workflow automation, and document management services and solutions:

  • Solution Architecture Services
  • Managed Software Development
  • Proficient in .NET development standards as well as other (i.e. C#, Visual Basic, etc.) development languages
  • Complete custom ERP solutions
  • “Gap” software applications and/or programming
  • Microsoft SharePoint Development
  • Document Management Systems
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports and Dashboards
  • Automated Workflow Systems and Processing
  • Specialized Reporting Systems and Custom Reports
  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboards
  • Exception Reports
  • Real-time Early Warning Systems (EWS)