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According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, the average cost of downtime for mid-size businesses is $74,000 an hour. For small businesses it’s $6,900 an hour. For large companies it’s $1,130,000 an hour.**

How much will your business lose if it isn’t prepared for artificial or natural disasters with a robust disaster recovery solution?

At Acumen IT, data protection and business continuity means first understanding your key business challenges and requirements, including risk exposure, regulatory compliance and best practices. Then, it calls for providing solutions designed to protect organizations against loss of access to data while increasing business continuity and operational efficiency.

The fast restart of your business operations after a disruption is essential. Ideally, you will want to resume business at the point in time at which operations stopped functioning.

A Blueprint for Business Resilience and Operational Efficiency

Although large scale disasters are foremost in most people’s minds when it comes to business continuity, application failures, system malfunctions, hacker attacks and human error are far more likely to interrupt operations. Acumen ITIT, in partnership with Hitachi Data Systems industry leading enterprise solutions, offers comprehensive data protection solutions to meet your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) of your business needs.

Data Protection Solutions
Tape backup technology is well-established as the historic cornerstone of data protection. While it still plays a key role in business continuity efforts, it does not always meet recovery time objectives. The growth of disk-to-disk and disk-to-disk-to-tape backup methods, data de-duplication and virtual tape strategies is alleviating some of the pressure on the backup window. Simply put, organizations need a comprehensive strategy that pulls from the entire range of disk and tape solutions to optimize data protection, improve data availability and facilitate rapid access to stored information.

Backup and Recovery
For enterprise organizations, Acumen ITIT offers The Hitachi Data Protection Suite, powered by CommVault®, is a unified platform that helps ensure outstanding data protection, high availability, and rapid access to information through the integration of backup and recovery, migration, archiving, and replication, under a single point of control. Designed for disk-to-disk SAN-based data protection, the Hitachi Data Protection Suite avoids the performance issues of products that have evolved from LAN-based disk-to-tape infrastructures. The Hitachi Data Protection Suite helps organizations implement the right mix of data protection components without adding complexity.

Data De-duplication and Virtual Tape Libraries
Replacing slow tapes with high-speed disk enables organizations to increase backup/ recovery performance, optimize their storage infrastructure, and achieve their business resilience objectives. Data de-duplication eliminates redundant data, greatly reducing the disk capacity required by up to 25 times or more. Virtual Tape Library Solutions by Hitachi Data Systems, featuring ProtecTIER™ technology enable organizations to get all the benefits of backing up to disk at a drastically reduced total cost of ownership.