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Acumen ITIT’s ERP Group is a reseller and integrator of both Microsoft Dynamics and Infor ERP solutions. However… our primary objective is to help our clients achieve a greater return on investment on the systems they already have in place. It has been our experience that almost nobody likes their software. We hear it all the time. But the reality is that… from the minute a new ERP system or software module goes “live”… it becomes increasingly disconnected from the business process or processes that it supports. All successful businesses evolve and improve daily. And the business process model that they operate evolves daily. But the systems that support our businesses remain relatively static. The result? Our systems no longer fit our businesses. Our systems, and especially our “run-the-business” ERP software, become the “lightning rod” for missed deadlines, missing data, and misdirected blame.

Acumen IT works with our customers to realign business processes with the systems that support those processes. Our approach is simple. We start with one simple “Million Dollar” question…

“Where can the application of 1), improved business process and workflow, 2), better information availability, access, and delivery, and 3), automation make the most significant difference in the operational and financial performance of the business?

The answers we gather to that question help us propose solutions that deliver measurable value against the “6 Criteria” test. If it doesn’t… it doesn’t go in the performance improvement recipe that we deliver to each client.