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Experienced. Predictable. Guaranteed: Acumen IT’s experienced team of certified engineers and technicians extend the capability and capacity of your IT department. We assume responsibility for managing your servers, workstations, E-mail, switches, routers and mobile devices so that you can focus on running your business. Our award-winning Service Teams make sure you receive all the benefits of IT…with less of the headaches.

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Acumen IT is dedicated to providing industry-leading ERP solutions to mid-market companies. We specialize in helping companies automate and integrate business processes to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and manage growth.  Acumen IT leverages industry expertise and best-in-class software to help manufacturing, distribution, and service companies solve business problems, increase the productivity of personnel and processes, and maximize profitability.

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There is no longer a question of whether you will get hit with disaster or attack. It’s only a matter of when. That’s exactly why we take preventative measures to secure every facet of your IT systems environment so you’re always up, always on.  Acumen IT data protection and business continuity solutions enable your business to operate virtually uninterrupted in the face of any natural, technical or cyber disaster, giving you justifiable peace of mind.

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IT ALL ADDS UP:  18 years later, we are now one of the largest, and most respected, IT services companies in the southeast.


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  • DavidCarr

    Comfortaire - A Select Comfort Company

    David E. Karr

    Comfortaire has partnered with Acumen IT for over 8 years architecting and deploying systems to support our new business units… incorporating and integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP, company web portals, and multiple databases.  The Acumen IT team brings a depth of experience with an understanding of our business processes and a sense of ownership for each project.  Their solutions deliver material operational and financial value, and Acumen IT executes each project with an appropriate sense of urgency.  Above all, Acumen IT delivers a great customer experience at a value.

    Client since 2008

  • JimCarino

    North American Rescue

    Jim Carino

    Acumen IT has bullpen aces poised and ready to provide relief solutions to technical and software issues that arise in our ever-changing business environment. When we encountered serious data integrity issues with our primary ERP and third-party software solutions, Acumen IT jumped in and helped us dissect the situation and make sense of the problem. It’s nice to have a partner that not only understands our systems and software, but our business processes, as well.

    Client since 2010

  • BethPaul-Round

    Bon Secours Wellness Arena

    Beth Paul

    I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to you and your team for the wonderful relationship and outstanding expertise delivered to our venue and staff.  As a result, we have been able to leverage IT for greater productivity, which has allowed us to grow significantly without the usual corresponding growth in overhead.  It is comforting to know that we have your company’s expertise and tools to guide us in our pursuit to be the best and help us provide our patrons, sponsors, and vendors with exemplary and timely service.

    Client since 2010

  • VickySorbin

    Azalea Capital

    Vicki Sorbin

    The breadth and depth of their knowledge, combined with a proven reliability, qualifies them to implement complex IT projects.  Without reservation, I would heartily recommend Acumen IT to any company.  We are completely satisfied with the services provided by Acumen IT.

    Client since 2012

  • honeywellenraf

    Honeywell Enraf Americas, Inc.

    Deborah Lambert

    Acumen IT has been serving our company for many years and we have always been happy with the level of service we receive. They are very knowledgeable about our systems and our business and are extremely reliable in supporting our ERP environment.  When we need critical support, Acumen responds literally within minutes.  They have even helped us out with server issues at critical times when our resident IT resources were unavailable.  Wonderful Service!

    Client since 2008

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Greenville’s Best in Business Award 2013
South Carolina Tech Awards Circle
Computer World Innovative Technology Winner, 2003
Best of Greenville’s Real Estate Tech 2008
Reader’s Choice 2012 Winner
Best Business for Diversity in 2007

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March 16, 2016

ONES TO WATCH: Toby Stansell, COO, AcumenIT

Read the full article on the Upstate Business Journal Website

You might be inclined to label Toby Stansell, COO of AcumenIT, as a technology guy. But you would be missing a lot. Stansell has many passions, including education, leadership development, global cultural awareness and an abiding sense of fairness. In a wide-ranging conversation, we struggled to keep up.

You seem to be involved in a lot of things, from civic organizations to training and leadership education. Most of it is not connected to your field. Why?

Your legacy of leadership is not what you do or accomplish, but what others become, do or accomplish as a result of any influence you might have in their lives. It’s not about you. Three things hold the key to having a better life, and they are inexplicably linked together: quality of health, quality of education and economic prosperity. A lot of my civic responsibilities have revolved around those things.

Many of your activities involve education. Is that Greenville’s area of greatest need?

There is a level of discomfort between academia and the commercial world, when there really ought to be a dovetailed connection. The path to economic prosperity does not begin when you get your first full-time job. It begins in preschool.

Is that occupational training at the expense of an education?

For years, I had very little appreciation for unapplied thought. But now, in every educational track, there’s a general ed piece and a more specific piece. We aren’t trying to drive a student down a particular path, but expose them to things so if they find something that is really attractive to them, they can see it at an earlier age.

You lived abroad for many years. What did it teach you?

We think the world is like we are, that it thinks like we do, values the same things we value. The world is way more diverse. [While on business assignment] I began to go to all these countries and got fascinated with going to places where I didn’t know the language, didn’t know how to get around and I didn’t know anything about the food. And I decided, if it isn’t going to kill me, I’m going to try it. It changed my life.

I believe you are well served by having a natural intellectual curiosity and interest in everything. Don’t say, “I don’t like those kind of people, I don’t like that kind of food, I don’t want to go to those kind of places.” The reason we don’t learn any faster than we do is that we stop things at the door and say, “I don’t like that.”

You do not seem like a typical IT guy. Are you?

I’m not an IT guy, I’m an industry specialist. We’re not selling technology; we’re selling business performance improvement. Technology just happens to be the tool. We have to express what we sell. Other people sell the technical gimmick of the week. We’re selling a new way of life. We have to do things that business executives care about: reducing risk, reducing cost, improving productivity.

IT started as a break-fix business. Then it moved to a managed-service business. Now it’s strategic guidance. The industry is transforming from a way to transact business into something that provides us with a strategic competitive advantage.

Who inspired you?

Seven people had a big impact on me. But the three who shaped my career certainly didn’t know they had that impact on me. [An IBM manager] who made me do what I wouldn’t make myself do; Greenville’s R. Hunter Park, who knew how to push my buttons and get more out of me (even if it left me crying in a parking lot sometimes); and [one of my first IBM accounts] who could have had me fired, but used the moment to teach me instead. It changed my career.

With so many interests, committees, organizations, speaking engagements and a demanding job, what keeps you going?

Everything in life follows this pattern: Believe, think, do and teach. No battle plan survives unscathed first contact with the enemy. There’s a huge thirst out there for people to understand frameworks that can be successful in developing into an authentic person and then into an authentic leader. People are starting to say, “How do I do that?” There are models out there that you ought to learn. That’s what I’m passionate about.


February 18, 2016

California Hospital Pays $17,000 To Hackers In ‘Ransomware’ Attack

You can read the full article on the CBS San Fransisco Website

A large Los Angeles hospital chose to pay hackers who were holding its computer network hostage, a move its CEO said was in its best interest and the most efficient way to end the problem.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center showed uncommon transparency in saying Wednesday that it paid the 40 bitcoins – or about $17,000 – demanded when it fell victim to what’s commonly called “ransomware.”

The hacking tactic is growing fast against both individuals and institutions, but it’s difficult to say exactly how fast, and even tougher to say how many pay up.

“Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t tell anybody if they had fallen victim to ransomware and especially if they have paid the criminals,” said Adam Kujawa, Head of Malware Intelligence for Malwarebytes, a San Jose-based company that recently released anti-ransomware software. “I know from the experiences I hear about from various industry professionals that it’s a pretty common practice to just hand over the cash.”

…read more on the CBS San Fransisco Website