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Secure Data Storage

As a Hitachi TrueNorth Partner, we are:

  • Hitachi Data Systems’ “Go To” Partners for specified product, technologies or solutions
  • Companies that have a vertical or platform-based approach to selling storage
  • Companies with areas of specialization in fields such as: healthcare, rich media, finance/banking, Microsoft Windows NT/Wintel or white box.

Hitachi Flash Storage: Accelerate Your Applications With Efficiency

  • Up to 384TB of flash capacity
  • Accelerates application performance levels to new heights
  • Flexible user-selectable data services give you total efficiency when you want it and maximum performance when you need it

Hitachi Flash Storage (HFS) is a new product family of all-flash arrays designed to be powerful, efficient and simple. Ideal for database and virtual infrastructure storage, these high-performance and high-density flash systems each come with a full suite of data services for capacity efficiency, data protection and quality of service controls.

Powerful: HFS includes a pair of high-performance controllers and up to 60 solid-state disks (SSDs). It’s capable of up to 1,000,000 IOPS. Consolidate applications and reduce footprint with Hitachi Flash Storage.

Efficient: The data services that come with HFS are user selectable. They give you the flexibility to achieve the right balance of performance and storage efficiency for your environment.

Simple: Get up and running with Hitachi Flash Storage in minutes. Easily manage ongoing operations.

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Converged Infrastructure

Unified Compute Platform: One Platform for All Workloads

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) is a family of completely integrated and flexible reference solutions. Each UCP solution has been specifically configured for immediate deployment and to run top tier infrastructure applications without over-purchasing or provisioning unnecessary equipment. Each custom-built solution has its entire solution stack certified. Your customers will have no more compatibility issues or multivendor technical support finger-pointing.

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Hyper Scale-Out Platform

  • Hyper-converged compute, storage and virtualization appliance lowers costs and leads to faster data insight
  • Massive scalability, availability and manageability places compute near storage resources for faster and more flexible provisioning
  • Ideal platform for big data analytics and Social Innovation solutions

Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP) combines server computing, virtualization and storage into a low-cost, hyperconverged appliance.

Hyper Scale-Out Platform provides a hyperconverged infrastructure architecture that natively integrates compute, storage, high-speed networking and server virtualization into a single 2U appliance deployed in scale-out clusters. It simplifies deployment, reduces power and space requirements, and provides compute and storage on demand.

Hyper Scale-Out Platform was designed to help enterprise customers accelerate the use of big data analytics to find correlations in data and achieve business insight. The goal was to help users save time and money to get results, in less time than doing it themselves. This integration delivers a ready-to-go, elastic and easy-to-manage compute and storage system to help you get results faster.

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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform: Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined storage—which Hitachi defines as virtualized storage resources that deliver consistent, automated data services to all applications—plays an essential role in enabling an efficient software-defined data center. Now, with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform* (Hitachi VSP), the benefits of software-defined storage, including enterprise-class storage virtualization, are available to any organization.

Hitachi VSP comprises a family of compatible software-defined storage solutions, from mid-range to scalable enterprise systems. Powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, all systems run the same software based on Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System* (Hitachi SVOS), so they all provide the same management, virtualization, migration, and data protection features. This means  businesses can choose the right entry point based on size and price, and expand as their needs grow. With Hitachi VSP, IT groups can:

  • Increase overall agility while reducing operational cost and untangling management complexity.
  • Quickly deliver automated services including storage virtualization, tiering, and high availability.
  • Simplify administration and increase utilization with unified management of all storage assets, including systems from multiple manufacturers.
  • Accelerate deployment of virtualized infrastructure through integration with leading business applications and server virtualization software.

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Integrated User Interface for Hitachi Command Suite, Hitachi Device Manager, and Hitachi Storage Navigator

Hitachi Data Systems has been working toward integrating Command Suite with Device Manager and Storage Navigator. In Hitachi Command Suite 8, the in-context integration is now in place with full functionality between Command Suite and Storage Navigator in a single pane of glass.


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