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Acumen IT – Software Implementation

Often times, the implementation/training services comprise as much as 60% – 80% of the total project cost.

In most cases, these services are proposed as estimates only and not fixed-fee arrangements. It is common for implementation/training services to be severely under-estimated, leading to multiple change orders during the implementation project that result in higher services costs than originally quoted by the vendor.

To avoid budget overruns and ensure service estimates are realistic, companies must verify the degree of functionality that is incorporated into the software proposal and ensure that all of the critical services components are identified, defined, and included in the services cost estimate.

Critical Services Components

  • Project planning & preparation
    • Document creation
  • Server equipment & software installation
    • Create company databases; initial company setups
  • Business requirements analysis
    • Analysis of GL and other modules
    • Chart of Accounts analysis
    • Requirements documentation
  • Module setups and training
    • Training documentation
  • Financial reports
    • Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance
    • Custom reports
  • Data migration
    • Mapping activities; migration and balancing
  • Forms and reports
  • Processing procedures and documentation
  • Integrations to other systems
    • Define, scope, and build integrations
  • Customizations
    • Modified screens
    • Modified reports
    • Custom Application Development
  • Go-live and post go-live support
    • User acceptance testing
    • Help desk support
  • Project management
    • Overall project management, coordination, reporting
  • Consultant travel time and expenses

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