Have you seen Microsoft’s whiteboard app ?

Have you seen Microsoft’s Whiteboard app? It makes collaboration easier when you’re working remotely 

Microsoft has launched a new version of its Whiteboard app for Microsoft 365, with features designed to help people collaborate better, whether they’re working from the office or home.  

  • Boost creativity with rich and interactive content 

Collaboration powered by rich content is a key part of the new Whiteboard experience. This allows everyone to contribute in the way that best suits their idea, device type, or personal preference.  

  • Experience a unified modern look and feel 

With the introduction of so many new collaboration features and content types, Microsoft created a new user interface to support our ever-growing capabilities. 

  • Maximize creativity with ink for everyone 

Digital ink is an important part of whiteboarding, whether used to express your own ideas or to comment and annotate on another’s idea.  

  • Integrate seamlessly across Microsoft 365 

The new Whiteboard is now integrated into even more areas across Microsoft 365 to more seamlessly fit into your existing workflows.  

  • Microsoft also announced that it was expanding fluid components for Teams meetings, OneNote and Outlook to make collaboration easier across apps.