Is your Gmail inbox nearly full?

Is your Gmail inbox nearly full? Here’s how you can mass delete emails to free up storage space 

Fortunately, you can mass delete Gmail messages without having to select each one manually, and it’s actually pretty easy. In the top search bar, type: Label:all mail and press enter. Options will appear directly below the search bar, including the ability to choose emails from a specific sender, a certain time frame, or messages that include attachments. I have a bad habit of subscribing to newsletters that I then let accumulate without ever opening, so I usually use the specific sender method of mass-deleting, but I forget that attachments can take up a ridiculous amount of space (chain emails from 2008, we hardly knew ye). 

Once you’ve selected your filter method, click to check the box in the top left above the list of messages to select all. If you want to delete more than the 50 messages displayed on the page, click Select all conversations that match this search. Then click the trash icon. 

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