9 things to do first before updating your business’s computers

It’s been out for a few months now. Are you thinking of updating your business’s computers to Windows 11? Here are 9 things to do first (we can do them for you)

1. Make sure your PC will run Windows 11: The first thing you should do prior to installing Windows 11 is to make sure your PC can run Windows 11.

2. Enable TPM 2.0 on the BIOS: Windows 11 needs the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 chip for enhanced security.

3. Enable Secure Boot on the BIOS: Similar to TPM, Secure Boot is also a security feature. It ensures that the system boots only a trusted operating system.

4. Backup Important Data: Early versions of new software like Windows 11 usually have a ton of bugs and errors. These put you at the risk of obstructing your workflow and even losing all your data. The best precaution would be to back up your data.

5. Optimize Storage: Sufficient disk space is required to install the new OS or even updates. We have seen installation failing due to insufficient disk space required for the upgrade.

6. Remember your Microsoft Account: Make sure you know your login credentials to the account.

7. Check your internet connection: A major reason why many Windows 11 OS updates fail is an unsteady internet connection. Windows 11 is a software update from Microsoft’s servers. For this reason, you have to stay connected to the web throughout the installation.

8. Check and fix system errors: Another thing you should consider before installing Windows 11 is to check for system file corruption. In many cases, corrupted system files on your PC result in errors and prevent you from upgrading to the newer version.

9. Plug-In Charger: If you’re on a laptop, make sure the power cable is plugged in, to avoid the battery dying out.
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