IT Assessment

Nearly all organizations are dependent upon their IT systems. From critical components such as networks to computers, productivity can come to a halt if your systems are not performing at optimal capability. With the ever-changing landscape in technology, many organizations can spend countless hours and budgetary funds just to keep these systems maintained.

Performing a periodic IT Assessment, your organization can gain better visibility into critical elements of your IT environment. By having a better understanding of your IT environment, you can identify potential risks, uncover security vulnerabilities, detect network issues, and define a clear path when planning for future IT acquisitions.
In honor of National Cybersecurity Month, Acumen IT is offering free IT Assessments to demonstrate our commitment to helping organizations become more secure and build better IT strategies for the future.


How it Works:

Step 1: Fill out the contact form and we will contact you to schedule a date and time that is most conducive to your schedule. We may ask for pieces of information to aid in the thoroughness of your assessment.

Step 2: We will visit your location and perform a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment.

Step 3: After the visit, we will provide you with a complete report that includes recommendations on optimizing your systems.