Zach Hazen selected 2020 Greenville’s Best and Brightest

Celebrating it’s 26th year, Greenville Business Magazine’s Best & Brightest celebrates extraordinary men and women who making great strides in the their workplace and our community.  We want to give a big congratulations to Acumen IT’s vCIO Zach Hazen on being selected as a part of this prestigious group.

Bio: Ten years ago, freshly armed with a degree from Brevard College, my intention was to see the world. Having lived my whole life in the Upstate, I wanted to explore other areas and planned to take a year off before entering law school. Upon my return from college, I never expected to fall in love with my hometown all over again. Greenville was not the only thing I fell in love with that year. I realized that while my intention was to enter law school, my passion was IT. It was then I found my mentor, David Pence, who gave me a chance at a career in IT. Nearly a decade later, I am Acumen IT’s vCIO (virtual chief information officer), helping our clients make informative and prosperous decisions for their businesses.

My family and I are deeply invested in the growth and well-being of Greenville. From donating our time to local charities and organizations to sharing information about cyber security on how to better protect yourself in today’s changing landscape, it is rewarding to be a part of the continuous growth of Greenville. In fact, when my wife decided to open her store, Make Made Jewelry, I could think of no better place than our beautiful downtown. As they say, “There’s no place like home,” and for me there is truly nowhere I would rather be than right here in Greenville.

  • What is your favorite quote? “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”   – Steve Prefontaine
  • Who was your most influential mentor? David Pence
  • What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?  Stay hyper focused and go into IT.